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How to Give

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How to Give

A short tutorial on how you can give from home, whether it is your tithe, or for missions, or another need.


May 27, 2022


1:00 PM




Simply click the donate tab on our main menu, and it will take you to our donation page.

From there, put the amount that you want to give and the designation for that amount.

For Example:

If I want to give $100 for a tithe, I would designate it as a 'General.'
If I want to give $100 for missions, I would "add a gift to another fund" and choose 'Missions' from the drop-down box. 
If I want to give $100 for something that isn't in the drop-down list of designations, I would choose 'Other.' Then I would write in the comments below on where I am wanting it to go.

TUTORIAL: How to Give

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